Blue Strawberry Kids @ Events


Simply put : give us a level field/space & a power point and we provide a magical play area making your brand a wonderful memory” color


Once Blue Strawberry has been briefed, our clients are assured of peace of mind as the children will be in capable hands and will need no further attention.Management is on site at all times


Blue Strawberry’s caring childminders are dressed in easily recognizable outfits and Jester hats. These t-shirt can be branded accordingly. Minders keep constant watch and entertain the children.

Blue Strawberry was established in 2009 to satisfy a specialized need in the events marketplace.
We provide a managed program for children, taking the burden away from parents and event organizers.
This is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand in a positive light.

Rest Assured: All kids are issued with wristbands. They are supervised by caring childminders.  Blue Strawberry is where all the fun is at.